Barbara Harding Associates Document Examiner

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Barbara Harding's
  40 years of experience in handwriting examination includes appointments with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the North Eastern Law Enforcement Council (S.T.A.R.S.) as a qualified Document Examiner and Instructor in Document Examination.
Hired by private and public
sectors for the investigation and
analysis of:

Poison pen letters and anonymous notes
Fraudulent insurance claims
Check alteration and forgery
Authentification of signatures on various legal
   documents, disputed wills, real estate deeds,
   guardianship and power of attorney transfers.
Medical and insurance record alterations
Suicide notes
 Court Qualified 
  •  Court Qualified Expert in Document Examination in Superior and Probate Courts  in Civil and Criminal cases.
  • Document Examination Expert Testimony in Labor Arbitration and Special Hearings in New Hampshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  •  Civil and Criminal Case Deposition Questioned Document Testimony in Rhode Island and Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Professional Membership

  • National Association of Document Examiners (Conference Chair and Board of Directors 1994)
  • American Association of Handwriting Analysts (Vice President, Board of Directors and Accreditation Commitee
  • National Bureau of Document Examiners
  • American Foundation of Handwriting Analysts
  • American Society for Industrial Security

Clients By Sector

  • Private Attornneys, Law Firms, Private Investigators
  • International Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Telecommunications Firms
  • Manufacturing, Retail Associations and Corporations
  • Newspaper Publishers
  • Healthcare and Transportation
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Internal Investigation
  • North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council



Professional Education 

  • National Association of Document Examiners, Apprenticeship Training
  • National Bureau of Document Examiners, Training
  • American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, Proficiency Testing Program
  • American Academy of Forensic Science, Questioned Document Workshop
  • American Foundation of Handwriting Analysts, Certification
  • American Association of Handwriting Analysts, Certification
  • Andrew J. Bradley, Training Course in Forensic Examination 
  • Current Study: Specialized ongoing training at conferences and seminars in Internet Crime,
       Altered Documents, Typewriter Identification and Admissible Evidence.  Workshops in Standard and Digital Photography for evidential purposes and Court Exhibit preparation.                                                           






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